Teamwork: Achieving our goals requires all Rintex Family being involved and making contributions individually and as a team in the creation and implementation of our processes.

Respect: Sticking to the rules and seeking the common good without offending anyone or  trespassing his/her person or property.

Commitment: You make the most of our ability to move forward with what Rintex has been entrusted. After committing to our team, we all know and accept the conditions and obligations they entail.

Leadership:  As a leader, Rintex manager must master a myriad of functions like providing and interacting with the environment efficiently, directing the destinies of their employees and the company into a better future. People in our team must be a strategist, organizer and proactive leader, you need to know where you are going, how it will be organized, and at each stage learn to be a leader.

Creativity and Imagination: When ideas are implemented, we search for the ability to find, imagine and achieve initiatives for the company. The actual development of creative capacity is achieved only with practice.

Congruence: Do what you preach and teach by the example. Let your actions be a reflection of your words. Let your life speak by itself.